Which is the best hardwood floor for your home?

By on December 18, 2011

In general there are four kinds of hardwood floors that you can opt. the first is the solid wood floor option that is again available in three different types. The first one is the strip flooring which is the most widely used flooring and it covers a majority of floor types and can be installed easily. This is the smallest in size of the three solid wood flooring options and can be nailed to the floor. The plank type of solid wood floor on the other hand is a bit wider than strips and it can be either nailed or screwed to the floor. The third type is the Parquet form which is the widest of the three types of solid wood floors. As these are larger in size, you can expect forms emerging on your floor giving a classy look to it.

Bellawood Hardwood Floors2 Which is the best hardwood floor for your home?

Besides this, the engineered wood is another good option for hardwood flooring. In comparison to the solid wood, engineered wood following the use of new technology in the treatment and the seasoning of the wood, is more durable and can withstand higher degrees of humidity. Apart from this, the engineered wood is also easy to install. Furthermore, the engineered wood can also be sanded for as many as three times and so you can be sure that it will last for long.

Apart from these two, there are two other less used types called as wood laminates and synthetic or plastic laminates. These are different from the solid and the engineered wood floors and are generally cannot be sanded and thus have to disposed if there are too many scratches on it.