Winter Skin Care Easy Tips

By on December 29, 2011

Skin care tips Winter Skin Care Easy Tips

Winters are just arrived and we see all the fashion designers and brands are exclusively launching their winter collections.But winter is not just to wear warm clothes and trendy fashion.If you are wearing an expensive dress and shoes and your skin still look rotten dry and rough than believe me you will not look pretty or attractive.As when i saw a women with rotten feet dry cheeks and dry hands then her impression on me so bad and careless from herself.So all ladies you also have to look pretty with beautiful hands ,feet and of course face.What ever your complexion is if you will not care about your face and body parts you will not look pretty and having dark complexion people look more pretty if they look after their skin in proper way.The thing is important beautiful and flawless skin not complexion.

First of All drink maximum water even in winters its little bi difficult but for your skin you have to do it and try to drink water for not to make your skin hydrated people who drink water even in winters do not complain about dry skin and if you got dry skin once then it let you take your skin towards wrinkles so drink water be young.

Use day and night creams not only on your face but also on your hands and feet and body lotions for your body.As all thee creams and lotion help your skin to be soft and supple.

Try to wash your face with very less warm water infect if you can wash your face with cold water then it is best for your skin.Warm water face wash can cause pre aging.

Always use face wash not soap or if you really wants to use soap than use soap free bar for your skin but still face wash is best option.

Do not eat so much dry fruits as winter is not just to eat peanuts.So do not eat much more they can cause breakouts on your skin.

Always one glass of milk drink before going to bed whether its winter or summer it has unlimited benifits and one and minor is it can stay you young for many many years.

Try to sleep 7 hour beauty sleep in 24 hours not less.

Do manicure and pedicure once a week as when we wear winter shoes the cleanliness comes more important and feet need sme feed so do manicure and pedicure once a week.

Manicure and pedicure you do not need so many things and creams just you can dip your feet and hands in Luke warm water shampoo and almond oil drops in it and erase well with some hard thing and wash them that’s all no need to do lots of things as cleanliness can get by this easy way.

Do not wax more than two times in a month in winter season As skin comes dried and wax can cause loose your skin in winter season more than in summers as flexibility of skin reduced in winters.

Hair CAre In winter

Hair care is also as important as all other parts of body in winters do not wash your hair more then two times in a week.More washed can dry your roots and this can cause hair fall.

Use YOugert and egg mask at least once in a month this can keep your hair soft in winters.

Apply henna Once in a season only it is natural conditioner and can give natural shine to your hair.

massage with coconut oil once in a week.massaging your hair is very important once in a week.

Winter or summers always comb your hair right after one hour of every meal this can longer and strengthen your hair and keep sake your hair to become grey.

So all ladies and girls out there if you will apply all these easy tips you will be safe from winter skin problems so keep smiling and stay young.