Wrap Your Gift Using a Newspaper

By on May 30, 2011

So you have no wrapping paper and the shops are shut? Wrapping the gift in newspaper is pretty self explanatory but here’s how you make the lovely flower on top. Cut several strips of newspaper, some about 15cm wide, some a little narrower. Fold one strip in half length ways and make a series of cuts along its fold as shown in picture 1. When you’ve cut along the whole length, roll up the resulting looped fringe and secure with some tape. Fluff out the ‘petals’ of the flower. Use up all the strips of paper in the same way. Gather all the sections together with the smaller ones on the outside. Join them with tape and leave the ends unstick and use these to attach the flower to the gift. You could even match the type of paper you use to the recipient; use the finance section for a businessman, a comic for a child or magazine recipe pages for a good cook!

GL ecowrap newspaper Wrap Your Gift Using a Newspaper